We’ve been here forever,
And here’s the frozen fruit.
I could speak forever.
We are the poisoned youth.

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“I’m crazy about this City.

Daylight slants like a razor cutting the buildings in half. In the top half I see looking faces and it’s not easy to tell which are people, which the work of stonemasons. Below is shadow where any blasé thing takes place: clarinets and lovemaking, fists and the voices of sorrowful women. A city like this one makes me dream tall and feel in on things. Hep. It’s the bright steel rocking above the shade below that does it. When I look over strips of green grass lining the river, at church steeples and into the cream-and-copper halls of apartment buildings, I’m strong. Alone, yes, but top-notch and indestructible-like the City in 1926 when all the wars are over and there will never be another one. The people down there in the shadow are happy about that. At last, at last, everything’s ahead. The smart ones say so and people listening to them and reading what they write down agree: Here comes the new. Look out.”


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when somebody you don’t like asks you to do something


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Night View by Takashi Kitajima

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cersei lannister week: day 1 - one quote

"However bright a torch might burn it could never match the rising sun."

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marya morevna, all in black, here and now, was a point at which all the women she had been met—the yaichkan and the leningrader and the chyerti maiden; the girl who saw the birds, and the girl who never did—the woman she was and the woman she might have been and the woman she would always be, forever intersecting and colliding, a thousand birds falling from a thousand oaks, over and over.

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I may never come down to earth again

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photo diary; after the rain 

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